Meeting Announcements & Board Goals


Millbrook Central School District

2017-2018 District Goals to Support Continuous School Improvement

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Academic Goal

All students will demonstrate growth during the 2017-2018 school year.

  1. Teachers & the Building Data Teams (BDTs) will develop growth rubrics by October 20, 2017 based on the Fall administration of aimswebPlus.
  2. Teachers will evaluate progress, and will adjust instruction accordingly, after the Winter aimswebPlus administration.
  3. Teachers will evaluate goal progress via growth rubrics and report status BDTs.


Grade 9 through Grade 12 Academic Goal

All students will demonstrate growth during the 2017-2018 school year.

  1. Teachers will use standards-based and/or skill-based questions in assessments & will monitor student progress throughout the year.
  1. Teachers will evaluate goal progress quarterly, report findings to the BDT, and adjust instruction accordingly.
  2. The average of all High School Regents exam passing rates will be 92%, with no specific Regents

exam passing rate lower than 80%.


District-Level Academic Goal – 1

The Mean Growth Percentile (MGP) on 4-8 ELA & Mathematics state assessments will be above the 50th percentile.


District-Level Academic Goal – 2

Each of the District’s 3-8 ELA & Math Assessment results will rank in the top 6 in Dutchess County.


District-Level Academic Goal – 3

The calculated District growth score will continue to trend upwards.


District Data Team Goals

  1. The District Data Committee will meet three times per year to review reports submitted by each

Building Data Team and determine level of District Goal achievement.

  1. The District Data Team will support the Building Data Teams & all teachers in the use of data to inform instructional decisions & guide the work of the Building Data Teams.
  2. Building Data Teams will meet monthly to review movement toward District Goals & District Data

Team goals. The primary goal is to articulate instructional growth at the building level. The BDTs will also make recommendations for additional building level resources.

  1. The District Data Committee will provide a written report & present goal achievement findings and recommendations during the May or June BOE meeting.


Facilities Management Goal

The Facilities Committee will:

Manage the RFP process and update the Board of Education as each milestone is attained:

  1. RFP review completion by September 15, 2017;
  2. Recommendation to Board of Education to award contract by October 2, 2017;
  3. At least one (1) community forum to held by March 19, 2018;
  4. Options & recommendations presented to Board of Education by April 23, 2018.


Financial Long-Range Plan Goal

  1. A Financial Long-Range Plan will be created prior to the 2018-2019 School Budget vote.
  2. The Financial Long-Range Plan will include expenditures, revenues, fund balance, the five-year capital plan and a plan to accomplish the District’s instructional goals. Uncertainties, such as state aid, health insurance premium costs, contract negotiations, etc., shall be addressed through carefully thought out and clearly documented assumptions.