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Business Office Personnel

Business Office Staff

(seated left to right)  Camille Petrone, Ashley Burhans
(standing left to right) Lynn Sticker, Cheryl Sprague, Brian Fried
(missing) Tamera Knapp

Brian Fried, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Finance & Operations
845-677-4200 x 1102

Camille Petrone, Principal Account Clerk
845-677-4200 x 1110

Ashley Burhans, Treasurer
845-677-4200 x 1103

Cheryl Sprague, Tax Collector
845-677-4200 x 1105

Lynn Sticker, Senior Account Clerk Typist
845-677-4200 x 1104

Tamera Knapp, Senior Account Clerk Typist
(845) 677-4200 x1111