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Faculty and Department Meeting Expectations for 2018-2019

When considering that our District goals again include data work, it makes sense that we use our department/grade level meeting time to focus on how we use our classroom data to inform instructional planning.  Once we analyze our local data, the next step will be to cross-walk our local data analysis with our state assessment results.  In addition, data-mining results will be good information to reference during our Differentiated Instruction PD this year and when updating our curriculum maps stored in Curriculum Developer.

To access Curriculum Developer (RBEM-CD), you will need to log into EdVistas.  (Access to EdVistas can be found on the District webpage under "Staff.")  Once logged into any EdVistas product such as StaffTrac or DataMate, look for "Launch:" at the top right hand corner of the page.  Click on the black arrow and select "RBEM-CD" to access the Curriculum Developer program. 

To summarize, Department/Grade Level meeting focus on data mining and updating curriculum maps for all subject areas.