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MHS Earth Science Students Travel to the American Museum of Natural History

On April 18, Mr. Keller's Earth Science Classes traveled by coach bus to the American Museum of Natural History in N.Y.C.

Once there, they saw a hologram show on dark matter and our expanding universe in the Space Theater. They then went on a scavenger hunt through the Hall of Planet Earth and the gem room to find clues to the origin of life, the origin of Earth itself and the cycles of the earth.

They then viewed efforts to repopulate humpback whales in the Imax theater in 3-D, and finished with a tour of the dinosaur exhibits.

The trip was designed to reinforce many of the topics already studied in Earth Science as well as serve to introduce several new topics which will be studied in ;the last quarter of the school year.

In all, the trip was enjoyed and appreciated by all as an educational and instructional experience, while still having a tremendous `Wow !' factor from the shows and the dinosaurs. `I didn't realize the dinosaurs were THAT big' `Birds really are direct descendants of dinosaurs ?' are direct quotes from students in attendance.

MHS Students with Mastodont