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Alden's Science Fair

Alden Science Fair

Alden Place Elementary School held its annual Science Fair on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.  The science fair was organized by Corinne Goerlich and Caecilia Wyman.  There were 99 participants in this year's science fair. That's almost half of our Alden population!

Our Cary Institute scientists voted on individual as well as team projects and awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention awards.  One student, 3rd grader Eddie Cerrone, was the only student who received a special award.  The judge gave him a "future Engineer" award for his Conversion of Energy project.  The judges interviewed each student about their project, scored the project, then gave each student written feedback.

A special thank you to our judges from the Cary Institute in Millbrook:

Peter Groffman, Cornelia Harris, Shannon LaDeau, Vicky Kelly and Jennifer Rubbo

Alden Students Create a Quiz Using Electricity

Students Create Electric QuizStudents Create Electric Quiz

On Friday, February 22nd, Mrs. Carey's and Mrs. Gonzalez's
classes joined together to merge their learning from Science and Social Studies
into one.  They created a matching quiz that reinforced their knowledge of
vocabulary from the United States unit in Social Studies.  This quiz was then
wired, using their knowledge of circuits and electricity, so that when a correct
match was made, the light bulb would light up. The enthusiasm and excitement for
the task was contagious, yet their cooperation and engagement was


3rd Grade Visits Sharpe Reservation

Sharpe Reservation

The 3rd Grade took a field trip to Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, NY on February 15th. While at the reservation, the students took part in three activities: the planetarium, orienteering, and survival. During the survival activity the students learned what the most important items are in order to survive out in the wilderness and they worked together to build a shelter out of tree branches and leaves. While orienteering, the students put their map reading skills to the test, navigating through a course set up throughout the camp. Finally, the group enjoyed a wonderful show about the solar system at the Gustafson Planetarium. What a great day!





Model UN Visits Irish and Australian Missions!

Model UN

In preparation for the Model UN Convention in March 2013, students in the Millbrook Chapter of the Model United Nations, visited either the Irish or Australian Missions to help them better understand the history, politics and diplomacy of those two countries. Students who visited the Irish Mission met with Edel Dwyer, Undersecretary to the Ambassador, who helped them understand Ireland's most critical diplomatic issues while students who visited the Australian Mission met with John Olenich, Press Attache to the Ambassador, to examine Australia's key issues. The students did an excellent job of preparing to discuss important items facing these countries at the United Nations today. Thank you to Mrs. Herring for organizing these two trips!

Elm Drive Elementary School Practices an Emergency Drill

Emergency Drill

On Thursday February 21, 2013, a practice emergency drill, consisting of evacuation and sheltering components, was conducted for the students and staff of the Elm Drive Elementary School. The evacuation drill began at 12:45 p.m. and ended around 1:30 p.m. The students and staff left Elm Drive Elementary around 12:45 p.m. and walked to the Millbrook Village Hall. The students were then assembled and sheltered in the gymnasium of the Village Hall. Attendance was taken. Students were then loaded on school buses and transported back to Elm Drive Elementary. The last students got off the bus and re-entered their school around 1:30 p.m.

MMS Participates in Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart

Thursday Feb. 21 was the 5th Annual Middle School Jump Rope for Heart Party, held after school in the middle school gym. Mr. Joe Carbone organized the event for students and their families--76 MMS participated! MHS students, parents, and teachers were on hand to help out and cheer on our volunteers. We are really proud of our students and their willingness to give of themselves to benefit others.










100 Days Smarter

100th Day of School

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the students in Elm Drive Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school for the 2012-2013 school year. Many students wore a “crown” or “badge” that highlighted the 100th Day of School. Students, when asked, stated the following about the 100th Day of School:

• We know each other 100x better!

• We get to count 100 objects to represent the 100 days.

• We are now closer to summer vacation than we are to the first day of school.

• We are “kings & queens” of the school since we are 100 days smarter!

Various learning activities were associated with the concept of the 100th day of school.


Alden Place Elementary School's Annual Talent Show

Alden Talent Show

Alden Place Elementary School had their annual Talent Show on February 20th. Students in grades 3-5 entertained the audience throughout the evening by singing, playing instruments, dancing and performing comedy skits. It was an enjoyable evening for everyone involved.










First Grade Students Visit the Millbrook Public Library

First Grade Students visit the MPL

Mrs. Dorsman's First Grade students visited the Millbrook Public Library on February 20, 2013. During their visit, Mrs. Frenzel read a book to them titled, Knuffle Bunny. The book was about the adventures of a little girl and her toy bunny that goes everywhere with her.




A Special Valentine's Day Tradition in Mrs. Link's Class

Mrs. Link's Valentine's Day TraditionMaryellen Link’s Fifth Grade students received Valentine’s Day cards that she personalized specifically for each of them. Mr. D’Angelo, Superintendent of Schools, passed them out for her. The cards were composed of specific personality traits that each student possesses. Mrs. Link discussed with her class the thought process she used to write the cards. She also shared that these cards are a view into who each student is based on their special personality “gifts”. Mrs. Link told them to refer to the cards when they are having a difficult time or when they want to regain focus. She told them that these cards are “gifts” to let each one of them know how much of a “gift” they are to the world! Special memories for a lifetime!

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