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Fourth Grade Students Visit Local Nature Preserve

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Fourth Grade visited the Thompson Pond Nature Preserve in Pine Plains. The trip began with Mr. Pulver giving a brief history of the area and landscape. The students walked the 2.5 miles around the preserve while focusing on teamwork, hiker safety, environmental awareness, wildlife exploration and New York State landmarks.

Thompson Park Nature Preserve

Pink Out Day 2016

The 7th annual Pink Out Day was a huge success! Lots of pink could be seen throughout all the schools. A fun day was had by all! Donations amounting to $1099 will be going to Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation. A big thank you to the Millbrook Central School District and the Millbrook community for all your support!

Pink Out 2016 Pink Out 2016
Pink Out 2016 Pink Out 2016

Alden Students Lead The National Anthem

Members of the Alden Place Chorus led the entire school in the singing of our National Anthem! From left to right, they are, Rayna Craven, Sophia Rogers, Karis Slaughter, Dylan Choka, and Jamison Fountain. Great job, singers!!!

Alden Place Chorus

MHS Art Students Learn About Printing at Central Press

On Tuesday October 18th Mrs. Barnes’ Advanced Graphic Design students took a walking field trip to Central Press, the graphics print shop in town. While there the students were able to learn how printing has changed over time, the process that a design goes through from computer to product, how books are printed and bound, and saw a 1951 Heidelberg Windmill Printing Press in action. This printing press is one of the oldest operating presses in America. To see a video slideshow of the trip please visit the Art Department site by clicking here:

Graphic Design Field Trip

Public Announcement: MCSD Homecoming 2016

I would like to share with you some facts related to Friday night’s Homecoming Game. I was present for the entire game on Friday night along with four school district administrators, five high school staff member chaperones and three Millbrook Police officers, who were on duty to provide security. During the second quarter of the game, I was told that a Burke Catholic school bus accidently hit a car in the Middle/High School parking lot. I headed down to the parking lot to provide assistance. While I was at the parking lot, I received a call alerting me that the football scoreboard power went off. I immediately headed up to the field to investigate. I received another call alleging that someone with a knife cut the power line to the scoreboard. When I got to the scoreboard, the power was back on. In actuality, the power to the scoreboard was not cut, but a switch was turned off.

In an effort to monitor and secure the area around the scoreboard, I stood by the scoreboard until the end of the game.

The Village police contacted the State police for their assistance in continuing the investigation of verbal reports from students in regard to an individual with a knife being at the game. By the end of the game, there were no further incidences and the allegations of an individual with a knife were not substantiated by anyone.

Today the Village police continued their investigation into the allegations of an individual with a knife being on school grounds. I do not want to compromise the investigation, but if it is founded that someone was on school grounds with a knife, I will make sure that appropriate actions are taken.

We always want to assure the safety of all of our students and staff at all times. I also want to continue to keep the lines of communication open between the school and community and make sure to share factual information with you. The information I had as of Friday night did not indicate that the allegations of an individual with a knife being on school property was true. Today I received additional information from the Millbrook Village Police that the allegations may be true, which prompted me to make this call. Please know that I am limited as to what facts I share with you so I do not jeopardize the investigation.

Philip D. D'Angelo, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools



Elementary Students Discover Math/Science/Technology

The children in Mrs. Hargrove's Math/Science/Technology (MST) class have been busy designing and building chairs, beds and parachutes to go along with the Fairy Tales. Kindergarten has created chemical reactions, First grade has flown rockets and Second grade has used scientist tools. Everyone is discovering and asking "why" just like real scientists and engineers!

Mrs. Hargrove's MST students Mrs. Hargrove's MST students
Mrs. Hargrove's MST students Mrs. Hargrove's MST students

PLTW Students Investigate "Scene of the Crime"


Project Lead the Way (PLTW) students, in Ms. Devincenzi's Biomedical Science class, conducted a blood splatter lab on October 13th as they try to recreate the "scene of the crime".


PLTW Students
PLTW Students PLTW Students

Join Us For The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - October 27th

Ribbon Cutting

Opening Day Team Building Activities at MMS

 All Millbrook Middle School students enjoyed their opening day PBIS team
building activities and PTO sponsored BBQ lunch.

This day was a
positive start on the path to success in 2016-17!

Opening Day at MMS
Opening Day At MMS Opening Day at MMS
Opening Day at MMS Opening Day at MMS

MCSD Participates in "Trees for Trib" Grant

Our District partnered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in a "Trees for Trib" grant project to protect the watershed of the creek between the Alden Place Elementary School and the Millbrook Middle School. The creek ultimately feeds into the Hudson River. The project involved the planting of trees and shrubs in an effort to protect the creek and filter any water run-off from the land surrounding the creek.

During the process, we were learned of a web-site for homeowners that you may find interesting. The web-site is called:

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