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MCSD Athletic Bids 2018-19

MCSD Athletic Handbook for Student Athletes and Parents


-All cars must park in the high school lot; individuals who need assistance to access our events up on the fields should speak with a chaperone upon arrival, or contact the athletic director in advance at 845-677-2510 x 2123 to schedule a golf cart ferry. Please indicate the time you will arrive at our athletic complex to ensure we can accommodate your access. Please be patient as there may be several such requests!

 -Absolutely NO pets!!! This includes your pet. We all know that your pet is the cutest pet and you can't leave home without him/her - BUT NO PETS!!! YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE IN ORDER TO REMOVE YOUR PET!!

 -No smoking, alcohol consumption, or illegal drugs anywhere on school grounds. This includes the portable toilets and the forested areas of the complex! JUST SAY NO!!



Fall Sports Begin Monday, August 13, 2018


Athletic Placement Program (note: this replaces Selection Classification)

Below, please find important information about the timeline for athletic placement.  Once a student/athlete passes the athletic placement process, they will be granted an opportunity to try-out for the sport for 3 days.  After 3 days, the head coach must decide to either accept or reject the student/athlete.  If accepted, the athlete may not compete at the modified level in that sport ever again.  If rejected, the athlete may return to the modified level and compete in that season.

If you have any questions please contact Al Hammell at (845) 677-2510 x2123


Important Links

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Athletic Health History Form

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Physical Permission Slip - May


Millbrook Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Millbrook Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy(M.O.S.T.) offers an athletic training School Outreach Program service to our students, parents, and coaches. This program is offered byM.O.S.T. at no cost to school districts, in order to provide students and staff easier and efficient access to quality medical care.

Millbrook Sports Boosters

The Millbrook Sports Boosters an organization of parents and community members dedicated to promoting and strengthening amateur interscholastic athletics at the middle and high school levels. The Millbrook Sports Boosters recognize that athletics at this level is a powerful character-building force,growing the positive values of team work, discipline, commitment,fitness and competition. Our youth benefit from their interscholastic sports experience, not only in high school, but throughout the course of life.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a voluntary organization through which the nation's colleges and universities govern their athletics programs. It is comprised of institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals committed to the best interests, education and athletics participation of student-athletes. This section of the Web site contains more details about the Association, its goals and members, and corporate partnerships that help support programs for student-athletes.