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  • Greetings, Visitors!


    The administration, faculty and staff of the Alden Place Elementary School staunchly support the goal stated by the Millbrook Board of Education that all students should be provided with a variety of opportunities to engineer success. These achievements may be academic and/or affective. Success is measured by more than just one frame of intelligence; therefore, instruction is geared toward the “whole child.” Meaningful, holistic learning is demonstrated by differentiated and interdisciplinary approaches to instruction, tailored to support the myriad learning styles and rates of our students.


    Having worked with parents, teachers and students of the Millbrook school community for many years, I am amazed every day at the pride and commitment to excellence throughout.  What a pleasure to build responsible learners of strong character!  What a honor to work with each of you as a team/community focused on academic success!


    Enjoy a fantastic year at Alden Place Elementary.



    Thomas A. Libka, Principal


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