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    The Project Lead the Way program at Millbrook High School offers our students the opportunity to take college level engineering courses while attending highPhoto of PLTW student school.  The program has been in place at Millbrook since 2007 and has produced countless graduates from four-year engineering institutions who are now enjoying successful engineering careers.  We currently offer four courses specifically selected to offer a glimpse at the many different areas or engineering.  

    • Students begin with a foundation course, Introduction to Engineering and Design (IED), which gives students the fundamental traits to be successful in any engineering field.
    • The next course in our sequence, Principles of Engineering (POE), offers our students a look at a more mechanical engineering-based curriculum designed around controls and robotics.
    • The Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) course allows our students to understand the public world of engineering with development of housing, business, transportation networks, updated climate change requirements and much more. 
    • Digital Electronics (DE) introduces the students to modern day circuit board design and computerized electrical and mechanical signals and responses. 

    Each course culminates in an online college credit exam from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).  Upon successful completion of the final exam students will bePhoto of PLTW students awarded with 3 undergraduate college credits.  The students do not have to go to RIT and the students do not have to major in engineering.  These 12 undergraduate credits can be transferred to almost any accredited institution as elective credits.  Credits currently cost $225.00 per course meaning that students could graduate from Millbrook with one 12 credit college semester complete for $1000.00.  Any and all questions regarding PLTW please feel free to contact Mr. Barnes directly at jeffrey.barnes@millbrookcsd.org

    PLTW Picture


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