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Music Department

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    NAMM Award

    NAMM Award for 2020  

    Millbrook Central School District Musical Performance Groups

    Elm Drive Elementary School (K-2) Performance Groups

    Kindergarten Choral Concerts (2 per year)
    1st Grade Choral Concerts (2 per year)
    2nd Grade Choral Concerts (2 per year)

    Alden Place Elementary School (3-5) Performance Groups

    3rd Grade Choral Concerts (2 per year)
    4th & 5th Grade Choral Concerts (one concert and one musical per year)

    Middle School (6-8) Performance Groups

    6th Grade Band
    6th Grade Chorus
    7th & 8th Grade Band
    7th & 8th Grade Chorus

    High School (9-12) Performance Groups

    9th-12th Grade Concert Band
    9th-12th Grade Concert Choir
    Brass Ensemble
    Jazz Ensemble

    Upcoming Performances