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Millbrook Central School District’s $33,999,373 budget for the 2023-2024 school year passed with a 212 to 58 vote on May 16.

Students and parents will be seeing many changes, including sustainability initiatives, expanding to a third section of fifth grade, upgrading instructional technology that students will be able to access in class and a new truck with a plow. Additionally, current district staff will be maintained. “That will be a real expansion; we’re not contracting from somewhere else,” Interim Superintendent Caroline Hernandez Pidala said. “We’re able to support all of that in the budget.”

Hernandez Pidala thanked Millbrook community members for their support of the budget to make these goals come to fruition. “We’re able to make those purchases because of the support of the taxpayers,” Hernandez Pidala said.

Rosenbergen and Shapiro Return to their Positions

Incumbent MCSD School Board members Chris Rosenbergen and Howard Shapiro won back their seats in the school board election on May 16. Both candidates ran unopposed.

Shapiro has been on the board for six years, three of them as Vice President, while Rosenbergen has served for three years. 
Hernandez Pidala praised Rosenbergen and Shapiro for their support of the district and its programs.

“We are really appreciative to have them back,” she said. “They’re hugely supportive.”

Thank you for exercising your right to vote!