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Millbrook Students and Staff Ready for New Year

Photo of Alden StudentsPhoto of Elm students


 Students across the Millbrook School District started their first day of classes for the 2021-2022 school year ready for anything thrown their way.

High school student Delaney Foss started her senior year excited because she misses taking part in various clubs such as Mock Trial and Model UN with other students.

“I’m super involved so I like to be in-person,” Foss said. “I’m excited to see all the new people and see everyone I haven’t seen in a while.” 

Brianna Salmon started sixth grade this year and is most looking forward to be able to take a variety of classes, such as art, in different rooms throughout the building. “We can go around and switch classes every single time the bell rings,” Salmon said.

For Salmon, in-perPhoto of High School studentsson learning is the way to go. Photo of Elm students

“It’s way better, I focus more,” she said.

Having all the students back for classes has been a delight for Millbrook Middle School Counselor Kelly Mahoney to witness. She wants to assure all students are emotionally and socially healthy for the new year. 

“It’s good to return to some sense of normalcy,” Mahoney said. “Everyone seems really happy to be here.”



Photo of Elm studentsPhoto of Alden studentPhoto of High School students