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Field day a blast for Alden, Elm students

Students at Alden and Elm elementary schools took a break from their studies to have some fun during their annual field day June 3 and June 6 respectively.

Alden students and teachers, dressed in tie-dye shirts played tug of war, circle dodgeball and Frisbee golf – all offered just for the occasion at the district’s Athletic Complex. They switched stations every 20 minutes.

“It’s good to get a different mix of games,” Alden physical education teacher Daniel Funk said.

Last year, the students had a revised and socially distanced version of field day, but Funk was thrilled to bring back the full festivities on a gorgeous day. Additionally, parents were able to attend to cheer their children on.

“They’re having a great day,” Funk said. “It’s good to be back up here on the turf fields.”

What Funk likes seeing best at field day is students laughing, smiling and having a good time, as well as Millbrook High School students volunteering their time running the stations and interacting with the younger students. 

“That’s a great bonus,” Funk said of the volunteering high schoolers. “I had 25 volunteers come out today and help out and they’re doing a great job.”

Junior Bella Darnell enjoyed volunteering so much at last year’s field day helping the students with volleyball that she decided to do it again.

“It’s cool because I can see some people who might end up on the volleyball team,” Darnell said. “They’re super funny too.”

Third grader Giovanna Di Cintio most enjoyed the relay race because she got to see how fast she and her classmates could run.

“It’s really fun and exciting,” Di Cintio said. “It’s a lot of good exercise.”

Fourth grader Evie Gonzalez had a blast and enjoyed circle dodgeball.

“You get to do cool jumps and try to get away from the balls,” Gonzalez said. 

Elm welcomes pre-K to competition

Elm Elementary School’s field day was delayed to June 6 due to the possibility of inclement weather, but when students got outside and were joined by their parents, all had a great time.

Students ran relays, participated in various skills competitions and tug of war, Principal Michael Setaro said. Parents returned to the event for the first time in two years.

“A big shout out to Keith Russell, our P.E. teacher who organizes and facilitates this event every year. He did a wonderful job - especially with the changes and having parents back and pre-K participation,” Setaro said.

“Our pre-K students participated in the same events and got to experience field day for the first time. It was excellent to have them be a part of it,” Setaro said.

Classes competed against each other within grade levels, but there were no class rankings. Each event, however, had an individual winner, he said.

“It was a wonderful day. Students were very happy to be out playing with their classmates and competing.”

Afterward, students had a cookout-style lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs  and watermelon in the cafeteria to cool down.