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Alden fifth graders promoted to middle school

Fifth graders at Alden Elementary School are now ready for middle school following a moving up ceremony held in their honor on June 22.

Fifth graders had a stellar year of in school experiences that included robotics, a school musical, book fairs, open house, concerts and a basketball tournament – events that could not be held during COVID.

“This group learned to be resilient during these past few years,” Alden Principal Thomas Libka said. “Their technology skills are amazing and their energy will be missed.”

Libka and the administration wished the future Class of 2029 well as they travel up the hill to the middle school.

Kevin Agbenui is looking forward to sixth grade.

“It’s exciting for me because I really want to go somewhere new,” Agbenui said. He is most excited about being in the school’s chorus and band, as well as playing baseball and joining the robotics club.

Looking back on his time at Alden, field and movie days were his favorites and he said he will miss his teachers and Libka. 

Lidia Duncan will miss many things about being at Alden such as movie day, taking field trips to the Millbrook Library in the village and her teachers.

“I’ll miss that it’s a small school where you don’t get lost,” Duncan said.

Duncan will be involved in the middle school’s chorus and band and is considering joining a club. She is also looking forward to a wider variety of courses.

“You get a more free range of things to do,” Duncan explained. “It feels exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.”