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Millbrook has its “Eureka” moment

 Eureka Math provides tips for parents on how to solve the problems their children are given for homework

All Millbrook Central School District grades are switching to a more rigorous and comprehensive arithmetic curriculum called Eureka Math for the 2022-23 school year. The curriculum is widely seen as one of the best nationwide.

Millbrook administration chose Eureka because of its good reputation as being a curriculum created by teachers that is in tune with current educational needs. They also needed a program that vertically aligned the learning practices from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

“It has quite a bit of merit in comparison to others that might be sourced from publishers,” former Millbrook Data Analytics Supervisor Victoria Curry said. “It’s a good next step for Millbrook.”

The lessons can be tailored to any class with a menu of options to fit their needs, which will make students stronger mathematicians and teachers stronger practitioners. 

Daily lessons feature math problems in order of their difficulty. For students who struggle in math, they can break into a smaller group and focus on less difficult problems, while more accelerated students can tackle harder ones.

“There is built-in differentiation to every single lesson,” Curry explained. “You as the teacher can offer problems that are even easier than problem number one and even more challenging than problem five.”

Eureka also boasts a superb online component which provides a gap analysis, identifying the difference between current knowledge and skill and the desired best practice. Parents will also have access to a digital workbook called Homework Help which shows them the way to solve a problem. 

“There’s a lot of resources out there for teachers,” Curry said. “It will be far more rigorous and deliver points of scaffolding for all the teachers to engage with.”

Millbrook Middle School Principal Steven Cabello finds that Eureka sets a new standard for rigor, coherence and focus in the classroom for students to gain a deeper understanding of math, while making it more enjoyable. 

“This is an incredible program that includes diagnostic assessments, differentiated learning, robust and challenging curriculum that are directly connected to New York State math learning standards,” Cabello said. “We look forward to getting this work started.”