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Family Social is a Hit with District Families

Millbrook families of elementary students had a blast socializing and picnicking at the Alden Place Elementary playground during the first annual MCSD Family Social on Oct. 7. 

Organized by the Millbrook Parent Teacher Organization, the event served as a chance for families to see old friends and make new ones, while the kids played. Interim Superintendent Caroline Hernandez Pidala and Executive Director of Instruction & Community Relations Amy Watkins, who are both new to their roles, met families, along with principals, teachers and other district staff. 

For Hernandez Pidala, it was great to spend time with members of the community. There are plans to hold similar events throughout the school year, including indoor ones for the winter months. 

“It was so nice to see so many community members out with their families,” the superintendent said. “It was really great to be together.”

Ashley Heffernan, who has two girls in the district, enjoyed spending time with fellow parents and her children’s teachers, who she found very personable. 

“Everybody’s engaged, chatting and having a good time,” Heffernan said. “It’s been a great night.”

Chrissie Plotaye most enjoyed getting to know fellow parents and meeting her son’s teacher one-on-one, for him to know she cares about what goes on in school.

“I love it because it builds such a great sense of community,” Plotaye said. “It’s an awesome opportunity.”

In addition to students enjoying the swings and playground equipment, families played a bean-bag toss game and gaga.