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Kindness Club Updates

Hi all!
Just an FYI, with the help of Mrs. Secor and Mrs. Hartley, the Kindness Club created the attached placemats for the Senior Housing complex beside Alden's playground.  While I can't bring all 50 - 60 kids participating in the Club, I am bringing a handful with me to deliver them on 11/16/2022 at 10 am (parents have given permission and another adult will be joining me).  We have a severe rain date for Monday.  I will be sure to get pictures.
The kids also created "I am a Wonder" robots.  The kids were given a paper robot to color and their friends wrote comments on them telling what made them such a WONDER.  They are hanging on the bulletin board by the Dell Lab for all students and parents at parent-teacher conferences to enjoy.  
We are not meeting for the next two Thursdays but will resume in December.  
Tonya M. Pulver
School Psychologist/CPSE and CSE Chairperson
Alden Place Elementary School