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Holiday Help Available

Millbrook Central School District and its staff are here to help families who may need assistance during the holidays and year-round. 

Interim Superintendent Caroline Hernandez Pidala shared that 29.9 percent of our enrolled families in the district qualify for free or reduced lunches “and that’s only those who apply, there could be many more” she said. “I want our community to know that if you need help, you are not alone - you can fill out the paperwork for help and your child will be able to get no cost breakfast and lunch each day, please don’t choose to go without basic needs when there is help available,” she said.

The free and reduced meal program is handled confidentially, so students don’t know who is receiving this support. Plus, the district has an anti-shaming policy in place to help prevent students from being harassed or feeling singled out. 

Breakfast and lunch are just one way in which the District can offer some relief to families.

Recently, Samantha Holsborg, supervisor of student services, and teacher Sabrina Laurino traveled to the United Way of Dutchess and Orange in Poughkeepsie to participate in the Day of Sharing to pick up donations for Millbrook families. Additional items were obtained from the Dutchess County Sheriffs PBA and individuals within the learning community who donated.  

“One of my many goals is to support students and families in need and all district buildings inquired about donations for this holiday season,” Holsborg said, adding that she works with a number of local agencies to support the district’s families.

Hernandez Pidala said that staff members also raised money and contributed to participate in the Adopt A Family program.

The district also provides assistance with mental health matters and more. Contact Pupil Personnel Services at 845-677-4200 ext. 1107.