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Scholastic Art Award Winners 2023

We are proud to share this year’s scholastic art awards winners! This will be the first year we are able to hold an in person show since the pandemic. The gold and silver winners will be displayed at SUNY New Paltz from February 4th-26th, with an awards ceremony kicking it off on Feb 3rd at 7pm. 

To see the images of all the pieces click here


Gold Key: 

Taryn Redl Grade 11  "Beauty" 

Miranda Moffitt Grade 8 “Lucky Red”

Miranda Moffitt Grade 8 “Mushroom Girl”


Silver Key:

Jason Moffitt Grade 10 “Sun-Guo”

Miranda Moffitt Grade 8 “Double Exposure Portrait”

Nina Lapine Grade 8 “Lil Uzi Vert”


Honorable Mention:

Anna Bonelli Grade 12 “Emerald Eyes”

Anna Bonelli Grade 12 “Penelope”

Taryn Redl Grade 11 “Jack”

Serafina Fauci Grade 11 “Flower Child”

Emily Ann Jackowski Grade 11 “Into the Light”

Logan Freer Grade 10 “Krone Mower BiG M 450”

Lauren Chiu Grade 9 “Charcoal Study”

Miranda Moffitt Grade 8 “Quack”

Lucas Wood Grade 7 “Twilight’s End” 


Thank you for supporting the art department!