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Alden Welcomes New Staff

Wendy Carlucci, Cafeteria Worker

Wendy Carlucci takes a break before the lunch rush. 

Carlucci, who started in January, decided to apply for the part-time role after her daughter raved about Millbrook’s friendly environment when she did an internship in school psychology.

“I knew coming in it would be a good place to be,” Carlucci said. “It’s wonderful.”

In a typical day, Carlucci has to get a count of how many meals she needs to prepare, which can include a variety of sandwiches and salads that have to be appealing because today’s kids have more sophisticated palates.

“If you don’t make it interesting, they let you know,” Carlucci said of the students. “Parents are introducing them to a lot of foods earlier.”

Carlucci complimented the students for being very polite and honest kids. “The kids are amazing,” she said. “You find good kids wherever you go.”


Natalie Erdt, School Monitor

Natalie Erdt poses in her assigned classroom. 

Some of Erdt’s daily responsibilities include bringing students to their classes in the morning after their parents drop them off, monitoring the lunch line and assisting in the front office when needed. She has been with the district since March 6. 

Erdt wanted to join the Millbrook team because she herself is a MHS graduate and has enjoyed reacquainting with staff members that are now her colleagues.  

“I love seeing the same faces and new faces,” Erdt said.

For Erdt, she most looks forward to seeing students have fun during recess and make new friends.


Melissa Sullivan, School Nurse 

Melissa Sullivan does more than check students’ eyesight in her role as school nurse. 

While Sullivan, who has 13 years of experience, has only worked in Alden since April 11, she is very familiar with the Millbrook community having worked in the village years ago. She has been trying to align more with her children’s schedules and the job allowed her to do so.

“It seemed like the perfect fit,” Sullivan said. “I always loved the community here.”

For Sullivan, it is important for her to get to know the kids well so they can feel comfortable coming to her when they are not feeling well. So far, students and staff have been very welcoming. 

“I hope to be a stable force in their lives,” Sullivan said. “I want them to be able to trust me.”