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2020 Scholastic Awards

Images of Winning Art
Mrs. Jillian Barnes is very happy to share the news that the following students had their artwork selected for the Scholastic Art Awards. This year the Millbrook Central School District had 31 Gold & Silver winners.  In 2019 we had 14 winners.  The images of all the artwork are posted above.   
The Scholastic Art Awards is a visual arts competition open to students in grades 7-12 and is designed to identify students with exceptional artistic talent. Scholastic is a National program that gives out National Awards and Scholarships, as well as Regional Awards. 

The Millbrook Artists identified below will be recognized at an awards ceremony at SUNY New Paltz Friday, February 7th at 7pm. Their work will stay on display in the Fine Arts Building February 7th-March 1st.

We are very proud of our young artists and thank you for supporting the Millbrook Visual Arts Department. 


Keira Lape, Grade 8 
Dania Osio Grade 8 
Skyla Walter, Grade 8 
Madeline Marchant, Grade 10 - 3 pieces
Callie McGuire, Grade 10 - 5 pieces 
Taryn Redl Grade 8 
Emily Vose, Grade 8 - 2 pieces 
Hunter Doolan, Grade 8 
Skyla Walter, Grade 8              
Anna Bonelli, Grade 9 - 2 pieces  
Olivia Iannucci, Grade 10 - 2 pieces
Devin Jarvis, Grade 10 - 4 pieces  
Callie McGuire Grade 10 - 4 pieces 
Isabelle Rubbo, Grade 11 - 2 pieces 
Eighth Grade Winners
8th Grade Scholastic Art Winners
Pictured left to right: Hunter Doolan, Skyla Walter, 
Emily Vose, Taryn Redl, Keira Lape, and Dania Osio.
High School Winners  
 Photo of Olivia Iannucci  Photo of High School Scholastic Winners
               Olivia Iannucci                         Pictured left to right: Madeline Marchant, Callie McGuire,
                            Isabelle Rubbo, and Anna Bonelli.