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Vietnam War Veteran Shares His Experiences with Millbrook Middle School Students

Former Town Board member and School Board member, Mr. Boissey, shared his stories as a Seawolf during the Vietnam War with a group of our students.  The Seawolves were the most highly decorated squadron in naval aviation history.  
Mr. Boissey stories were truly amazing and our students asked such thoughtful questions.
Thank you Mr. Joe Carbone for coordinating such a memorable opportunity for our students and thank you Mr. Boissey for taking the time to meet with our students.  
Photo of Mr. Boissey and Mr. Carbone with students
First Row - Lauren Peterman, Olivia Resto, Gabriella Resto, Alyssa Mangione, Carole Fiorentino, and Michael Reyes.
Second Row: Mr. Boissey, Matthew Briggs, Haiden Nessel, Cameron Woods, Dylan Mackay, Carson Robison, Diego Santiago-Lopez, and Mr. Carbone.