High School Choral Program

The Millbrook High School Choral Program is comprised of the 9-12 Mixed Concert Choir and the select auditioned TrailBlazers. Other opportunities for singers also exist on an individual basis. Chorus is a performing ensemble that meets as a class every other day. Other opportunities for select singers also exist on an individual basis. Students study, learn, and perform many different types of vocal literature, as well as rhythmic and melodic sight-reading. Attendance at all concerts is mandatory unless a written excuse is provided to the instructor in advance. Each student is also required to attend vocal lessons which are set in a rotating class period schedule. Students are evaluated through rehearsal techniques, concert and lesson attendance, classwork/homework and group and individual vocal assessments. Students in the choral program are expected to demonstrate commitment and dedication to vocal/choral music through outstanding attitude, effort, and achievement. The High School Concert Choir performs on the High School Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as in March for Music in Our Schools and April Dover Choral Exchange Event. In addition, the High School Concert Choir performs for adjudication.

Prerequisite: Middle School Chorus or permission of instructor (no audition)

Concert Attire

Performers in High School Concert Choir are asked to wear the following:

Ladies: Black uniform dress, black or beige stockings, black shoes

Gentlemen: Long-sleeved black shirt, black pants, black socks, black shoes, royal blue tie


New students are asked to purchase the concert dress and black shirt and tie through a check payable to MCSD due September 28th: Dress: $50; Black shirt and blue tie: $30. See Mrs. Bresnahan for measurement and specific ordering information.